Sunday, July 27, 2008


No one tells you how to act when you meet an actor.
It's hard.
I met so many it was frightening.
Honestly, is there really a right way?
First time I met an actor he was sick, coughing, and basically just autographed something and his publicist signaled me away.
Second time I downright almost died. A Welsh accent is honestly beautiful (to me, duh!). Is it unique to have a conversation with an actor that's so intriguing and enthralling he forgot to sign the picture until your friend mentioned the time, and then he called you sweetie?
I have pictures.
Way too many.
I also have video footage.
Not enough.
I'll be posting up the best pictures soon enough, but for now I have video footage of Twilight and Push up on youtube.
Guess which account!

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