Sunday, April 20, 2008

Curiosity Killed the Cat... Or So They Say...

So, yes, the title of my post has nothing to do with the actual post. I just really thought that the sentence was catchy, cool, and it was stuck in my head all freaking day so I had to put it down somewhere.
Today was another day of searching for a Literary Agent. I haven't found someone good enough with grammar and such yet to edit my story Shadow, so I can't send it off to anyone just yet. At least I have the literary query done. Yes! I'm still not quite sure what to categorize the story under, so for now I left that part blank. But it's better than not having anything done.
And I have officially hit the half mark on my sequel to Shadow - Blue Hour. My original goal was to have the story finished around 600 pages, but I'm guessing it might only get done at about 500 pages (which is still pretty darn thick of a novel). So, if you can't count, that's 250 pages I have done on the sequel.
In total I have ideas for 5 books to be written in the story of Aria Hale. She's my favorite of the heroines I write about (probably because she's the one most like me - with her clumsiness and attitude, not her cool life and hot boyfriend).
Right now I'm procrastinating ending the first in the Bellezza Rizzo series, since I can't figure out yet how to tie everything together. But, I'm working on it. So believe you me, I'm working on it... And I do my best after procrastinating...
If you have absolutely no idea to anything I'm talking about (which is probably more than half of you?) you can check out my youtube account and see for yourself.
the "movie trailers" to my books are on there... to catch your attention :D
And if you're interested in the first of my Fille de Loup series, you can check that out on my fictionpress account
*note, Shadow and everything about it (from idea to names) is copyrighted... (As is the idea and names and things like that for my other two books on my youtube account.)
This is quite a long post, I must say. But I just don't want to bother to wait until tomorrow to post another one... Just so I have two neat little posts instead of one huge post.
So here's the ending to my ONE HUGE POST --> I have nothing really written down about my book As Memory Fades. I have tidbits, and whatnots, but nothing that would go down as "good." So if that's the story you're most interested in, sorry but I got nothing to enthuse you with.
Thanks for bothering to read this (or maybe just skim it). If you did, you should contact me on my youtube account, or even my fictionpress account... Because I would love to hear from you, honestly.
And if you're a publisher or a literary agent... call me ;] (bahaha, so I can have my imaginary friend's life shown to the world... nothing else implied).

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Selly Flores said...

cute i'm a writer as well and its nice to run into others please keep up to date on your blogs i would love to know how youre doing with the publishing.