Friday, May 2, 2008

Stanford and Rizzo

^^ That's a link to my prologue of 1647. I finally caved in and added it to fictionpress (but believe me, it's copyrighted. Again, blame the nagging mother).
I also wrote two more chapters, so I am getting closer to finishing it and then having two books in need of a publisher.
So that's basically all I had to post about. Oh, and if you don't mind and enjoy videos on youtube, check out my latest one also based on 1647.
It's on my youtube account, which has a link to the right of this post (I think). The video I am talking about is the featured one on my "channel."
I hope you enjoy your first week of May (I know I will definitely enjoy my 2nd one. I turn another year older May 6th. Oh the horror.
Actually, on another note that has nothing to do with my books, I went to Stanford today. It was amusing, if I overlook the fact I had to get a shot and blood taken. Sometimes having a mystery illness seriously doesn't pay very well... (ha ha). No, but seriously, I don't think this doctor has any clue what I have either (like the 60 before him).
Okay, until next time...
Happy early Memorial Day to whoever reads my blogs, in case I don't post before then.

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